Fairafric Ghanaian Chocolate And African Fairtrade

By West Africa Cooks, 12 April, 2017

New crowdfunding campaign of fairafric: Organic certification of chocolate fully “Made in Africa” plus six further chocolate flavors

The social enterprise fairafric produces dark chocolate from bean to bar in Africa since 2016. Whereas conventional or Fairtrade-labelled chocolate is produced in the consuming countries, where the largest portion of the value is added to the product, fairafric shifts the production directly to Ghana. By adding value locally, the social enterprise changes the structures in place and facilitates real change in the economic development of Ghana. The production of chocolate entails well-paid and highly skilled jobs in Ghana beyond agriculture. Hendrik Reimers, founder of fairafric highlights “Every single chocolate bar can make a difference. Chocolate fully Made in Ghana brings five times the income to Ghana compared to conventional chocolate, that is produced in consuming countries.”

On Tuesday, April 11, 2017 fairafric will start a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter to make three things possible. The first organic certification of chocolate made in Africa, six additional types of chocolate and making the bars bigger (100 g / 3.5oz) whilst keeping the price the same. “We want to be fair with humans and the nature and reach the highest quality possible” says founder Hendrik Reimers. Each fairafric bar will be organically certified from summer 2017 onwards. Reimers is optimistic, “if we sell more chocolate, the impact of local production will be bigger. Thanks to the organic certification and the new flavors, more and more people will enjoy our chocolate which in turn will help us to increase the impact of local production.”

If the campaign is successfully funded, fairafric will produce seven different types of organically certified chocolate. The chocolate will be available at fairafric´s partner shops and in the company’s online shop.

Munich, Tuesday 11th April 2017

Who Are Fairafric?

Fairafric promotes Made in Africa which means increasing Africa's share of the value chain in the chocolate industry.

The people behind this enterprise are:

Hendrik Reimers Founder and CEO Founder
Kerstin Schwarz Communications
Mustapha Yorda Local Site Manager
Bakary Diakité Sales Manager
Lorenz von der Wehl Warehouse Manager
Marc Schiff Sales and Operations

Instagram fairafric
Twitter @fairafric

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Cocoa And Ghana

Cocoa crops constitute one of the major export crops of the Ghanaian economy.

Cocoa cultivation began in Ghana, according to the legend, fostered by a blacksmith called Tetteh Quarshie, who, in 1895, returned to his farm in the Eastern Region of Ghana with cocoa beans "in his pocket" from the island of Spanish colony Fernando Po (now Bioko in Equatorial Guinea where there was already intensive plantation production of "slave-grown" cocoa.

There are currently around 1.6 million people involved in growing cocoa and many more in associated industries.

Cocoa is now cultivated in six regions in Ghana: Western, Central, Brong Ahafo, Eastern, Ashanti and the Volta regions. At its peak it accounted for about 66% of the country's foreign exchange though has now declined to around 35 -40%. Source of data Divine Chocolate

Also see Golden Tree Ghana The Cocoa Processing Company Limited (CPC) situated in the picturesque port city of Tema in Ghana on the Greenwich Meridian.


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