Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant September 2014

By West Africa Cooks, 2 September, 2014

The London Taste of Africa Group visited Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant on Saturday 6th September 2014. This group aims are to bring people together through celebrating food from across Africa and African culture. Saturday proved successful in that it was a full house of 26 hungry members. You can sign up to this group by searching the website Past events have included an African cooking class, a trip to Paris to visit Senegalese restaurants and London African restaurant dinning.

Pictures of the London Taste of Africa meetup event

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurantgroup drink St George Beerchat and check out the restaurant

The London Taste of Africa Group gather opposite Tufnell Park North London

The group drink St George Beer, wine, chat and take in the atmosphere of the restaurant

Getting hungry. I've been waiting since 6.30! I knew it shouldn't have rushed

Vegetable SamosasInjera, Vegetarian Shiro BeyaynetuSpicy Yoghurt, Spinach, Tef Injera, Azifa

Vegetable Samosas, lovely I will have some of that, going round the table. That should hold belly

Injera, Vegetarian Shiro Beyaynetu (Suitable for two)
Combination of Shiro, Spicy Chick Peas and Aubergine, Duba (Pumpkin) wot and two portions of seasonal vegetables

Spicy Yoghurt, Spinach, Tef Injera, Azifa (green lentil salad)

Upstairs in Lalibela Ethiopian RestaurantLalibela Ethiopianinside Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant

Upstairs in Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant North London

The group chat before eating in this authentic setting, where's my chop!

A Buffet Menu

MinchetabeshAlicha Beg WotBeg Wot

Minchetabesh: Finely chopped lean prime beef in a red chili sauce
Injera is flat Ethiopian bread which has a very slight sour dough taste which complements the spices used in Ethiopian cuisine

Alicha Beg Wot: Lamb fillet cubed & cooked with onions, garlic, ginger & traditional Ethiopian spices

Beg Wot: Lamb fillet cubed & cooked in a rich spicy tomato & Berbere (spiced chili powder) based stew

Fosolia, Miser Kik, Alicha KikAssaChicken Cream Tibs

Fosolia (Carrots, potatoes & beans cooked with onions & garlic) Gomen (Spring Greens)

Top Right Miser Kik: Lentils cooked in a delicious tomato sauce & traditional herbs & spices

Left Alicha Kik: A mild split peas sauce cooked in tumeric & fresh herbs & spices

Looks good damm where are the plates?

Fish in sauce. Assa (Fish) Tibs Cubed fried fish marinated in rosemary and lemon juice cooked with fresh tomatoes and peppers. Served with mild chilli and garlic sauce

Chicken Cream Tibs: Cubed chicken cooked in a rich cream sauce, seasoned with fresh herbs

Taste of Africa GroupEthiopian foodMess

The London Taste of Africa Group enjoying happy times

The complete meal. Ready to eat with the hands. What no knife and fork! Sh*t got to wash my hands

On the house after drinks. Mess is a honey wine


The nights meal cost £18.95 excluding drinks
Beg are lamb Dishes. Bere are beef Dishes
Gomen (Spring Greens)
Fosolia (Carrots, potatoes & beans cooked with onions & garlic)

Comments from the night

Had very enjoyable conversations yesterday. Looking forward to the next meetup
A fabulous meal with lovely people
A thoroughly enjoyable evening
... Thoroughly enjoyed having such stimulating conversations with a great bunch of people. Looking forward to the next one...

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Location: How to get there

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant, 137 Fortess Rd London NW5 2HR
Nearest Tube Station: Tufnell Park (Northern Line)
Nearest Overground Station: Gospel Oak


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