Ndolé Day - Cameroon VS Mexico 13th June World Cup

Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014

By Nadia, 4 June, 2014

Okhay oh!
World Cup don cam oh!
Nah for find place for siddown en eat fine African chop.

Here at West Africa Cooks, we are nominating a famous dish for each African country and encourage you to eat in celebration of the team when they play a match.

So, we start with Cameroon. What do you need to know about Cameroon?
First of all, its an English and French speaking country. You'll have to figure out how that works in your own time way too complex to go into right now. Secondly, they changed the name of the country several times, it was once called British Cameroon, then Republic of Cameroon, then... Federal something or the other. Yes I know, a lot of time on their hands. If you cant remember where it is off the top of your head, I can confirm that Cameroon is next to Nigeria and host to a volcano called Mount Cameroon. The Cameroon team was suspended from FIFA in 2013 because of government interference (yawn, i think that's normal behavior for most African nations). The nickname for the team is the 'Indomitable Lions'. I do love the world cup and I know who Samuel Eto is because he plays for Chelsea. I happen to like the Portuguese manager at Chelsea.... ahem. So what is my take on the Cameroon team? Well, as long as they don't solely rely on Eto for golden glory they should be okay. Note, I say okay, not good. Are there any lookers for the Ladies? Oh yess! Lookers with French accents is all a woman needs when watching football. The rest is up to the imagination.
Check out this link to see the team analysis bbc.co.uk/sport

We must get back to the food. Cameroon is not known for it's delicacies - not even for monkey or bush rat. What I can tell you is that their most popular dish is called Ndolé. It’s a stew of finely ground groundnuts , ground dried tiny shrimp called Dibanga, finely chopped Ndolé leaves, with meat, dried fish or shrimp. Ndolé leaves is also known as Bitterleaf. Ndolé is served either with boiled or fried plantain bananas, or with Miondo, also known as cassava sticks. To eat the Ndolé with Miondo, you will have to fold the cassava sticks, dunk it into the stew and bite a piece off.

On the 13th June we challenge you to find a restaurant that serves Ndole, sit down with a beer - preferably Star Beer drink, eat and send us a picture. It doesnt matter where you are in the world. Cameroonians we are counting on you and if your not from Cameroon then find somebody who is and make it a Ndole day!

There are three matches coming up. That means 3 official Ndole days.
13th June - 5pm GMT
18th June - 11pm GMT
23rd June - 9pm GMT

There may be more matches in the horizon for Cameroon, you never know they did draw with Germany 2-2 in a friendly. Fingers crossed.

Let us know how you get on. We look forward to sharing Ndole Days with the rest of the world. Tweet #foodball. Food and Football.

References www.awayfromafrica.com/

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