New York African Restaurant Week Spring 2015

By West Africa Cooks, 13 May, 2015

New York African Restaurant Week starts on Sunday May 31st and runs until Sunday June 14th. Visit a participating restaurant, in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem, Bronx and take advantage of the deals they are offering. Celebrate the best of African cuisine and culture in New York, America. Produced by Panla and A Taste of Africa USA, two leading culinary events companies reinventing the way African food is consumed and discovered, the New York African Restaurant Week features lunch and dinner options.

This event includes over 30 of the BEST RESTAURANTS and Chefs in the City featuring African Cuisine, has been created to share the best in African Culture, Food, Music, Dance, Art and so much more.

Events are scheduled for the festival across the city and include the June 4th “Edible Bazaar” at Taj Lounge on 48 West 21st St, and features several restaurants offering signature dishes, artisans, music and African Culture to enjoy from 6:30 – 10:30pm. There will also be a special program honoring the best African Restaurant, Chef and community Leader. The event is also a fundraiser for the ASB Foundation (, supporting children in Senegal, Africa.

June 13 a FASHION and FOOD SHOW to be held at THE DL, 95 Delancey St, where local designers will be showing African inspired clothing and home designs. Artisans will also be showcasing their creations in Jewelry, art, sculpture, fabrics, home goods and so much more.

The Best African Restaurants In America

More than a dozen of New York Cities best Pan-African restaurants will partake in the annual New York African Restaurant Week.

Accra Restaurant
Bati Restaurant
Cafe Rue Dix
Jollof Restaurant
La Caye
Lenox Saphire (aka Les Ambassades)
Le Souk Harem
Madiba Restaurant
Ponty Bistro
The Sugar Bar

Some of the top restaurants in the City, from Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island will be part of the event, including The Cecil, Farafina, Ponty Bistro, Madiba, Le Souk, Bati, La Caye, Les Ambassades, Lenox Saphire ad MANY more. Each restaurant will be offering a taste of Africa to explore and enjoy. Many of the restaurants will be offering a pre-fix 3 course dinner around $28.95.

Another special event is a multi-course Aphrodisiac Dinner, in Brooklyn at Madiba and in Manhattan at The Cecil. This dinner will be a cruise through the senses. The dinner will be perfectly paired with wines and each course will be designed to heighten the senses for an evening of pure excitement. Tickets for both dinners will be available on the nyarw website and in each restaurant.

SO COME SHARE and experience some of the best in Authentic African Cuisine, explore the sights and sounds without the 1,000 mile plane ride and experience a taste of Africa right here in the urban jungle.

An African Lunch

Celebrate yourself invite family, friends and colleagues to an African restaurant. Perfect for you and your group of friends. Get 10% OFF your food vouchers

Come share our table #NYARW #WhatsYourAfrica See Create A Brunch

Please give feed back visit yelp or google create an account, write a review on the your experience and upload a photo.Yelpers have written over 53 million local reviews, there's probably no more important online website for small businesses than yelp. The owners of African restaurants need to know whether you waited too long; if you believed the interior design is appealing; the bathrooms were clean and the customer service good.

Feedback on yelp or google

Your most recent dining experience in an African restaurant is important to us the feedback can help us in what we might do to improve.
We would like to know in any order.

  • Was this your first time
  • Did you have a reservation
  • How many minutes did you wait before you were seated
  • Was the server friendly and patient when taking our order?
  • Was the server attentive and available when you needed him/her?
  • Was your server knowledgeable and able to answer any questions you had about our menu or restaurant?
  • What did you eat and drink?
  • My food order was correct and complete?
  • Did the Server coordinate the timing of the courses well?
  • Overall, were you satisfied with the service provided to your party by the server?
  • How much did the meal cost and did you get value from your experience?

Any of this feedback is welcome on yelp or google

The Restaurant was it

  1. Excellent
  2. Good
  3. Average
  4. Below average
  5. Poor

When considering the following

  • Menu variety
  • Availability of sauces, utensils, napkins, etc.
  • Employees are friendly and courteous
  • Quality of beverages
  • Restaurant cleanliness and decor


Would you recommend our restaurants to a friend?

Visit facebook.comNYAfricanRestaurantWeek for more on this event. OpenTable allows customers to make table reservations online. Again please review, we wish to attract new customers so rate the food and service, use TripAdvisor, Restaurants and Yell, as well as yelp and google.


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