Trying Ethnic Food, African And Caribbean Part 2

By West Africa Cooks, 2 May, 2014

Trying A New Cuisine

So you are an adventurous eater. Now you are wondering whether you will like African and Caribbean food.

Will I like it, What Are The Ingredients In These Dishes?

Here are more foods from (east Africa) Ethiopia and (west Africa) Nigeria

Ethiopian Entrée

SAMBUSA SIGHA are crisp meat seasoned with Eritrean herbs & spices in triangular pastry accompanied by Silsie
SPRING ROLLS are made from vegetables & lentils combined with Eritrean herbs & spices, hand wrapped in pastry & served golden brown (v)
ENJERA and DIPS are served the Enjera bread comes with assortment of four traditional dips (v) Salad/Vegetables
MUOOZ SALATA is a fresh salad of lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber with a vinaigrette dressing
GU’E S’NIGH is fresh green chilies filled with a tomato & red onion salsa Side dishes Enjera
FIT is traditional pieces of bread cooked with**Berberé, Tasame butter and served with natural yoghurt (v) side

Dessert From East Africa

BUSBUSA is a traditional semolina & coconut cake served warm with ice cream
PANNA COTTA is a traditional Italian cream based dessert infused with cinnamon & coffee beans accompanied by fruit salad

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KANTISHA is rich mushroom stew flavoured with Berberé, onion, tomatoes & garlic
BRUSN are Red lentils stewed with Eritrean spices
ALICHA is a mild vegetable stew of potatoes, carrots, capsicum, zucchini & green beans perfumed with turmeric, ginger and herbs
DUBA is pumpkin sautéed in the rich flavor of **berberé in onion, tomatoes & garlic
SHIRO is finely grounded chickpeas blended with chili and herbs spring rolls & sambusa a shared platter busbusa qulwa & rice

QULWA is tender lamb cubes sautéed in tasame with red onion, capsicum, garlic , ginger, rosemary & green chilies
ZIGHNI is chicken or beef. A traditional favorite spicy curry flavored with **berberé, onion, tomato, garlic & tasame
LAMB MOLIKYA is a lamb sautéed with North African spinach , onion, garlic & spices
BEEF LASAGNA are baked with a rich flavor of **Berberé, onion, tomatoes & garlic

**Berberé: Berbere is a mixture of various spices like chile pepper, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, nigella seeds, paprika, onion and cardamom commonly used in Ethiopian cooking. Heat levels vary. Use in vegetarian dishes for depth and complexity

Xylopia aethiopica: Its name means Ethiopian bitter wood, but the plant grows throughout Africa. Its seed pods, known as grains of Selim, are dried and often smoked. They give an earthy, musky, resiny and peppery aroma and flavor.

Coffee In An Eritrean Restaurant

At the end of an Eritrean meal fresh African coffee beans are roasted and guests are offered to smell the strong aroma of the coffee. The beans are then ground and put in a traditional clay vessel called a Jebena and boiled. The coffee is traditionally served black in small espresso cups.

At the end of an Eritrean meal fresh African coffee beans are roasted and guests are offered to smell the strong aroma or the beans. The beans are then ground and put in a traditional clay vessel called a Jebena and boiled. The coffee is traditionally served black in small espresso cups.

Zimbabwean Flavours

Sadza (zviyo or mhunga), rice with peanut butter, chicken (road runner), guinea fowl, rabbit, biltong, fish, vegetables and peanut butter, knuckle bones, madora, ishwa.
Zvinyenze, nyama yembudzi, madora, mazondo, mufushwa, mowa, muriwo wetsine, nyevhe, mukaka wakakora, maheu, sadza rezviyo or remhunga and zumbani tea.

Sorghum or millet mealie-meal involves first roasting the grain before grinding it to fine cooking powder.
A Zimbabwean breakfast is served mbambaira (sweet-potatoes), mufarinya (cassava), madhumbe, mutakura.

Nigerian Chop

GALI AKPONO (African Corn Meal Cookies)
Absolutely delicious. Always a winner with children. For adults, try this alongside Oluolu Palmi. You've just made your evening!
JOLLOFF RICE Number one choice for parties in the West African region. No party is complete without this dish This is rice like you've never tasted before. If you're in a hurry, try Oluolufoods tinned Jolloff rice. West African rice pilau, is a dish in which rice is cooked in a seasoned broth.
AKARA (Bean Balls) Hmm! Akara is a winner every time. Always welcome as a snack. It is also taken with Ogi as a breakfast meal. It can be laborious to prepare from scratch. Ease the process with Oluolu Split beans, peeled, cleaned and ready to go!
EGUSI (melon seed) SOUP
This soup goes with a lot of things BUT try it with Oluolufoods Pound'ol Iyan. Egusi soup was made for this. And if you must have Egusi soup and have it now, try our tinned Egusi soup; its as good as making it yourself
Loved this as child. So will your children (and you!).
EBA (fried, grated cassava) is a main dish usually taken for lunch. Served with okra soup or egusi soup.
MOI MOI Moyi Moyi authentic Nigerian dish
Ground steamed honey bean cake with hard boiled egg and flaked fish
Bean sponge cake. Served as a snack or taken with Ogi or Jolloff rice
POUNDED YAM Called the 'king of dishes' by those in the know. This dish is very easily prepared using Oluolu's Pound'ol Iyan product. Serve with egusi soup liberally infused with king prawns!
OGI is a quick breakfast popular in the West African area. It is similar to custard and is usually taken with akara or moi moi.

Ghanian Chop

A staple food is kenkey, made from fermented maize flour balls steamed and wrapped in maize leaves which is served with a sauce made of tomatoes, onions, peppers and fried fish. An acquired taste, but authentic all the same. Other specialities consist of tozafi, a millet or maize flour dish eaten with palm nut or okra soup. Plantains are another popular staple, along with many dishes containing beans, groundnuts, rice, and grasscutter, a large bush rat. If you’re brave enough to stomach eating a giant rodent, you can always give these other delights a taste, clay-baked lizard, giant forest snails or maybe a stew with bat, cat or dog.

The cocoa grown in Ghana makes delicious chocolate, it’s definitely worth having a taste, or why not indulge in the cheap pineapples and coconuts widely available throughout the country. To drink try brewed beer, namely Gulder, Star, ABC and bottled Guinness is a particular favourite, or try the non-alcoholic Supermalt for a different taste.

The Gambia

Gambian cuisine features dishes such as domodah, a peanut stew with rice. Chura gerte is a dish of boiled rice and peanuts, eaten for breakfast. Rice is the staple food, often served with a stew made of fish, chicken, beef, lamb or goat, with vegetables, spices and peanut butter. This is eaten at lunch, the Gambians biggest meal. Domodah is peanut butter sauce, supakania is okra stew, and yasa is fried chicken in onions.
JulBrew is the tipple, and palm-wines made from distilled sugarcane or rice.

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National dishes in Senegal include tieboudienne (pronounced chey-bou-jen) consisting of rice baked in a sauce with fish and vegetables, served with a pimento and tomato sauce, poulet orpoisson yassa, grilled and marinated chicken or fish. Mafe is a peanut-based stew and bassi-salete is millet covered with vegetables and meat.

Try the beers, Gazelle and Flag, or bissap for a non-alcoholic alternative.


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