Mama Calabar Restaurant Review

By West Africa Cooks, 11 July, 2011

To celebrate the launch of West Africa Cooks we descended on the restaurant Mama Calabar based in west London, UK. This restaurant is based on the 3rd floor of 70’s style office block.
My first fear on arriving was the signs about ‘no parking and clamping’. I think this could kill a business. We found out from security that parking is OK as long as we visit the restaurant.
Mama Calabar is a big restaurant. Presentation we gave 9/10. Staff are well dressed, groomed and calm. A waitress served us initially she seemed from Eastern Europe origins. Funny could she have eaten cow foot! The food arrived in big portions an looked good. 7/10. My Egui was sweat, which was a surprise. The bitter leaf was salty and lamb tough.
It was a low time for trade in the late afternoon. I saw a couple and a group of three men. These were the only other in the big room listening to the music radio and TV which we thought was not in keeping with an African mood. Is the place child friendly well it would be tough getting up to the 3rd floor with a buggy. Tea served afterwards was lovely although desert were not available apart from ice cream. We gave the value 6/10 as meat is bought separate from sauce.
Overall a pleasant experience and a relief that I didn’t get clamped as this would have added an extra £100 to the bill.

West Africa Cooks


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