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Nigerians And The Issue Of Meat

Submitted by Nadia on Wed, 2011-08-10 19:57
african meat, nigerian food, naija people

This is a topic of discussion for everyone except Nigerians. A discussion about the experience of sitting at a Nigerian dining table or visiting a Nigerian restaurant. I have discussed this issue with Jamaicans, the English, Asians, Maori's, Trinidadians, Gambians, South Africans, Dutch, Germans etc...etc...etc. I love Nigerian food and whatever people may say about 419..when it comes to the food. Nigerian food has attitude... serious attitude.

With food, the Nigerian problem is the opposite of the Jamaican problem in my book and yet the people remain very similar. The problem I speak of is the way they cook their meat. When you eat Jamaican food, the meat falls apart in your mouth and dissapears down your throat like lentils. For example, eating Jamaican goat curry makes you think you're wearing false teeth because you dont get an opportunity to chew and savour the meat. And with Nigerian food; its all good....until you start chewing the meat ....

Dare I ask the question has anybody chewed Nigerian meat until it has dissolved in their mouth or have they managed to experience 'lock-jaw'?

I asked my offspring what animal had the strongest teeth in the animal kingdom and the answer I got was - a Beaver. So I guess Nigerians have Beaver Teeth because they are the ONLY ones able to chew on their meat with satisfaction.

Hey Naija people, I have a message for you from the rest of the world (Just in case you actually care)

We nor able chew your meat oh! When you open restaurant you get for memba say you deh cook for oda people. Boh! You go get for cook dis meat make eh soft small. Oda wise, we go leff deh meat nah plate for you for carry back.

And you know how many children in Africa are starving............