rice pap

By West Africa Cooks, 24 August, 2015

To inspire a nation and the world, the capital London gets its first ever Jollof rice competition and the 3rd annual Best Caribbean Rum Cake Competition. The baking competition was initially established to spread awareness of the Caribbean rum cake baking tradition to a new generation of Londoners.

By West Africa Cooks, 23 October, 2013

Lets face it cooking is sexy and the ladies in the 2013 final have the wow factor.

This year's finalists of the great BBC's Great British Bake Off are attractive, passionate and sexy women, well two of them are very much so.

By West Africa Cooks, 10 October, 2012

Have you tried this simple recipe from Favourite Sierra Leone Recipes from Pamela Greene. Give Rice Pap a try. West African countries from Sierra Leone to Ghana and Nigeria this meal or thick drink is recognised as a favorite starter to social gatherings. The second recipe is Rice Pap (What's Cooking) from What's Cooking Today by Muriel Emekunle Davies.

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